Robert W Chittendon

Transportation Safety Inc.

Don’t put an emphasis on the title President, I am also the custodian and all that falls in-between. I arrived at Risk Management and Loss Control analysis and evaluation after eight years in the military, ten years in law enforcement and twenty-five years in transportation. The military had little to with anything – except learning that rules, regulations and structure is what keeps most things from becoming chaotic. Law enforcement, my area of academic study educated me in detection, observation, critical analysis and unemotional evaluation of factual information, while placing aside that which has yet to be proven. Transportation is the milieu that allowed it all to come together and provided a means of obtaining life’s sustenance that I find both enjoyable and fun.

Since 2002 I have been engaged primarily with Insurance Underwriters providing Risk Management and Loss Control Evaluation for public transportation (both commodity and passenger), building, property and contents, warehousing, telecommunications and insured to value comparisons for public liability, general liability and physical damage. I have provided service to underwriters in the conterminous states and Canada. My wife of fifty-four years and I reside in North Central Wisconsin and enjoy sailing and bike –the pedal kind- riding.

Forty years working in transportation safety and related areas can be shared with your management and supervisory personnel on an 'as needed basis.' Seminars and workshops can be presented for trucking, para-transit and passenger operations. One-on-one advising and consulting can be arranged for specific areas of concern. Less than Satisfactory Safety & Compliance Reviews are often mitigated by expeditious and encompassing Safety Management Plans (SMP's) being submitted by carriers. Transportation Safety, Inc is experienced in the submission of SMP's. Transportation Safety, Inc extends beyond consulting - our aim is to work in collegiality with your support staff and to assist you in remaining compliant with the FMCSR's while providing safe and timely transport of property, persons and data entrusted to your care.